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It was one of those bitterly cold days, the sort that make you huddle down inside your coat. I hate days like this because ever since I was very young I like to wear short skirts and black leather boots. In fact when I get up in the morning there is no greater pleasure for me than sitting drinking my coffee, smoking a cigarette choosing which boots I would wear. Then when I’ve decided, choosing just the right skirt to match. I know I have great legs, it’s easy to tell by the amount of men who’s eyes follow me as I walk!

So today being so cold I had chosen my just below the knee, full length zip 4” heel pair, with nicely pointed toes. All the boots I own are black leather by the way. I’ve tried other colours and other materials, but nothing makes me damp like the shine, feel and smell of black leather. I had chosen thick black tights (pantyhose) and a very short black skirt. Topped off by a black woolly top and a very long black coat. The maxi sort of coat. I know boot lovers adore seeing me walking along just the bottoms of my boots visible under my long coat, and occasionally the coat opens in the wind and reveals all my boots, and my legs to their view.

It hadn’t been the best day at work and my boss had been in a pretty foul mood, so I felt low as I made my way down to the underground trains. The icy wind cutting right through me, which meant I had to wrap my coat tightly around myself. As always the trains were packed and I only managed to bag a seat with much pushing and shoving. Now at least I could open my coat and hope there might be a few boot lovers in the carriage that I could tease.

I began by pretending to rub my knee as though it hurt and then slowly, oh so slowly slid the top of my fingers down into the boot. My red nails just gently sliding in and out. I was glancing around the carriage, but there was very little interest. So it looked like a bad day was going to finish on a bum note.

Finally we came to a station that had a main line connection, where lot’s of commuters got off and a load more get on. 3 older suited men pushed and shoved to sit opposite and I smiled to myself as I knew they were probably up for a little show. So I began, I again rubbed my hand on my supposed sore knee and then sliding my red fingernails into the top of my boot. I took a glance and saw one of the guys looking intently over the top of his paper. He was about 60, smart, well groomed and looked kind, so I would do my bit! Yes I thought this will be the best journey home you’ve had in a long time.

I now crossed my legs and angled myself so this particular guy had the best view and slowly and apparently unconsciously started to stroke my boot. The feeling of the black leather, the site of my pink fingers, red nails against the shiny black was getting me going, and I could see my friend opposite too was enjoying this.

Then I had a surprise, a few seats down was a very beautiful dark haired girl and she too was looking. But not surreptitiously like the men, no an open look, obviously watching, not hiding the fact she was enjoying the show I was giving too. She was beautiful and I noticed she also was wearing boots. I sat back and gently raised one eyebrow in a sort of encouraging way. She was much bolder than me. Her boots had maybe a four and a half inch heel and came up just over the top of her knee. She leant forward slightly and started to unzip one, oh so slowly. She too had red fingernails. Then she started to stroke her calf, the back of her hand rubbing against the inside of her boot, the palm feeling the softness of her skin. God I started to feel horny. In all my years of boot wearing I had never met another woman with my passion. The train eventually came to the stop before mine and I couldn’t just get off the train and leave this beautiful booted women sitting here and never see her again. No I had to pluck up the courage to speak with her. To at least get her number. I mean I’m not a lesbian, or even bi-sexual and I know that will disappoint a lot of you, but this women had turned me on and I wanted to know more.

I finally walked over and as I approached she too stood and made for the door. Brilliant she gets off here too!

A minute later we were standing together on an empty platform. She smiled, “Hello my name is Elena.”

“Oh Hi”, I replied, “Mines Brooke”.

Then it felt like an age as we stood there, both embarrassed and not sure what to do. Finally I spoke. “ Do you live near here?” I asked.

“No, but when I saw you get up to leave I couldn’t just let you go.” Then she quickly added, “I’m not a lesbian, or anything, but you playing with your boots just turned me on so much. I think maybe I did the same for you, yes?”

“Oh yes”, I laughed, “more than I ever realised a women could”.

“Is there somewhere we can get a coffee?”, she asked.

I told her there was and we were soon chatting like the oldest of friends. I couldn’t believe just how much we shared with our boot fantasies. We both had wardrobes full of boots and all were black leather. All had heels and we both loved so much to wear them.

From that day to this we have shared so much, so very much and our lives have moved on in a way I could never have dreamed of before, because as a pair we are a catalyst and life is just so good, so very good. Together we have the courage to live out our fantasies, something I could never have done alone, nor Elena. As you will probably get to know us quite well it's best you know how to pronounce her name. Pronounce it El lena! She'll get very angry with you if you don't!

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